Period: Baroque

Jewelry from 1600 to 1699 AD.

Bloodstone Carved Pendant

A bloodstone pendant in the form of a strawberry leaf. Part of the Cheapside Hoard. On display at the Museum of London. Production Date: late 16th-early 17th century Source link … [Read more...]

Emerald Crystal Watch

Watch set in a single Colombian emerald crystal: c. 1600 Watch, set in single large Colombian emerald crystal of hexagonal form with hinged lid. The movement and dial plate are corroded and cannot be raised out of the setting. The dial plate is enamelled in translucent green and the circular gold suspension loop and button securing the movement at the base are set with … [Read more...]

Stuart Era Amethyst Ring

Court of England - Amethyst Ring - Stuart Era (Source link broken; nothing else known.) … [Read more...]