Rings are probably my favorite type of jewelry. (You have been warned.)

Egyptian Lotus Ring

Egyptian, New Kingdom decorated with lotus flowers & baguettes Gold, lapis, turquoise & carnelian The Louvre Source link (could not find anywhere in the English catalog of the Louvre?) — via Pinterest … [Read more...]

Late Medieval Gold Ring with Hexagonal Sapphire

Old Master Sculpture and Works of Art 09 July 2009 | 2:30 PM BST London English, late 14th/15th century FINGER RING Estimate: 8,000 — 12,000 GBP LOT SOLD. 70,850 GBP (Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium) engraved gold, set with a sapphire in hexagonal collet, inscribed: JOYE SANZ FYN (joy without end) on the interior inside diameter: 1.8cm., 7/8 … [Read more...]

Late Medieval Diamond Posy Ring

A fifteenth century English ring yellow gold, mounted with an uncut diamond crystal, of octahedral form cleaved in half in a square box-shaped bezel with chamfered edges, to a twisted cable form hoop with alternating twists of engraved cross hatching. The diamond is of Indian origin. In the fifteenth century India was the sole source for diamonds and they were traded … [Read more...]

Late Medieval Sapphire Ring

Late Medieval Sapphire Ring, 14k gold with rubbed over bezel and closed back. Circa 14th-15th century Source unknown. … [Read more...]

Medieval Diamond Finger Ring

From Christie's: Sale Title: IMPORTANT JEWELLERY Location: London, King Street Sale Date: Jun 15, 2006 Lot Number: 0398 Sale Number: 7240 Lot Title: AN EXTREMELY RARE MEDIAEVAL DIAMOND LOYALTY RING Estimate: 30,000 - 50,000 British pounds Price Realized: 84,000 British pounds - Sold After Sale Pre-lot Text THE PROPERTY OF A GENTLEMAN Lot … [Read more...]

Frankish Garnet Ring

Date: 7th century Geography: Made in Northern France Culture: Frankish Medium: Gold, garnet cabochon Dimensions: Overall: 13/16 x 9/16 x 5/16 in. (2.1 x 1.5 x 0.8 cm) bezel: 1/4 x 5/16 x 3/8 in. (0.7 x 0.8 x 0.9 cm) Classification: Metalwork-Gold Source link … [Read more...]

Greek Amethyst Finger Ring

A GREEK GOLD AND AMETHYST FINGER RING HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 2ND-1ST CENTURY B.C. Composed of two sections hinged together, the lower portion of the hoop set with a small cabochon amethyst, the hoop narrowing towards elaborate moldings below the hinge loops, the upper portion with similar moldings above the hinged loops, joined to the underside of an oblong stepped … [Read more...]

Roman Amethyst Finger Ring

The solid cast hoop flat on the interior, carinated on the exterior, the sides voluted, merging with grooved shoulders, expanding toward the bezel, with four prongs supporting the oval bezel, with peltae on either side, set with a cabochon amethyst 7/8 in. (2.2 cm.) wide; ring size 7 Source link … [Read more...]

“Loyal Desire” Sapphire and Gold Ring

An important high carat gold medieval ring set with a natural irregular hexagonal cut sapphire, decorated with fine engravings and inscribed on the inside of the shank with the text ‘Loyal Desir’ which means legal or loyal desire which indicates the ring is a love token; for marriage or just a token of affection, early 15th century. Source link … [Read more...]

Byzantine Bronze Ring

As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. An archaeological investigation into Byzantine-era refuse pits revealed the truth behind this adage after researchers discovered an astonishing number of artifacts buried in pits on the Israeli central coast, according to a press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The largest of the pits … [Read more...]

Medieval Amethyst Ring

Medieval gold ring with amethyst crystals. Thirteenth century. … [Read more...]

Merovingian Glass & Garnet Gold Ring

A MEROVINGIAN GLASS AND GARNET GOLD FINGER RING circa 5th-6th century a.d. The hoop round in section, with collared shoulders joined to the diamond-shaped bezel, which is divided into quadrants and set with alternating squares of blue and green glass, the corners of the bezel terminating in roundels set with cabochon garnets Source link … [Read more...]

Byzantine Garnet Ring

Gold and garnet ring, circa 5th-7th centuries. This type of ring could be produced by a barbaric jeweller (Goth?) or by a Byzantine workshop for barbaric customers. (auto-translation) Source link … [Read more...]

Medieval Amethyst Ring

A 13th/14th century ring. The hexagonal slice of amethyst in a closed-back gold setting, ring size approximately P½ Found in North Yorkshire, treasure number 2010T674. The Crown's interest in this ring has been disclaimed. Source link … [Read more...]

Gold and sapphire ring, European

Gold ring, the oval bezel set with a sapphire, with chased foliated shoulders, West Europe, 14th century Source link … [Read more...]

Stuart Era Amethyst Ring

Court of England - Amethyst Ring - Stuart Era (Source link broken; nothing else known.) … [Read more...]

“Black Prince” Signet Ring

Signet ring of the “Black Prince” Second third of 14th century Found at Montpensier, Puy-de-Dôme, in 1866 Gold, formerly gilded, ruby Source link … [Read more...]

Etruscan Ring, 4th century BC-3rd century BC

Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design Gift of Ostby and Barton, in memory of Englehardt Cornelius Ostby Photography by Erik Gould Source link … [Read more...]

Egyptian Revival Lapis Lazuli Ring

Late Victorian Egyptian Revival Gold Ring with Lapis Lazuli American, 1880 14K Gold, Lapis Lazuli Source link … [Read more...]

Triple Garnet Ring

Garnet and gold ring, Roman, 2nd-3rd century AD The ring consists of three plates, each with a garnet, bezel-set. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna Source … [Read more...]

Anglo-Saxon Cabochon Ring

Cabochon Ring found in Leeds, West Yorkshire — an unusually large, complete and spectacular gold ring with a lozenge-shaped bezel set with a garnet gem. Anglo-Saxon pieces of such high quality are extremely rare. It was made to be displayed as a sign of great wealth and status and is in near perfect condition. Source article … [Read more...]

Greek Sapphire Finger-Ring

The ribbed octagonal hoop terminating in a six-petalled calyx and oval plate containing a sapphire within an irregular setting. Greece, circa 1400 Source link … [Read more...]

Roman Pegasus Ring

18K gold lapis lazuli Roman intaglio ring … [Read more...]

Viking Gold Finger-Ring

Viking Gold finger-ring of 3 twisted wires meeting in flattened section at back (10thC - 11thC) … [Read more...]

Western European Sapphire Ring

Ring; Western European, gold set with a cabochon sapphire, circa 1300-1400 Source link … [Read more...]

Anglo-Saxon Sapphire Ring

Sapphire ring 'belonged to Anglo-Saxon or Viking royalty' Source links: Independent.co.uk | York.ac.uk | Yorkshire Museum (PDF version, no images) … [Read more...]