Period: Anglo-Saxon

Anglo-Saxon Cabochon Ring

Cabochon Ring found in Leeds, West Yorkshire — an unusually large, complete and spectacular gold ring with a lozenge-shaped bezel set with a garnet gem. Anglo-Saxon pieces of such high quality are extremely rare. It was made to be displayed as a sign of great wealth and status and is in near perfect condition. Source article … [Read more...]

Strickland Brooch

Anglo Saxon, 9th century Slightly convex bossed disc brooch of sheet silver with inlaid gold and niello ornament. The zoomorphic decoration is deeply carved and pierced to give an open-work effect. Within the beaded rim, a zone of alternate disc and lozenge patterns contains the main decorative field, which consists of a central hollow-sided cruciform design with a boss … [Read more...]

Anglo-Saxon Pendant

Pendant Anglo-Saxon, 7th century The British Museum Circular sheet gold pendant with a beaded wire rim and corrugated suspension loop. Three cloisonné birds' heads with cabochon garnet eyes, arranged in the form of a triskele, radiate from a central garnet ring, which encloses a circular setting, now empty. Surrounding the ring are two concentric bands of filigree, … [Read more...]

Anglo-Saxon Sapphire Ring

Sapphire ring 'belonged to Anglo-Saxon or Viking royalty' Source links: | | Yorkshire Museum (PDF version, no images) … [Read more...]