Period: Greek

Greek Gold and Garnet Siren Earring

A GREEK GOLD AND GARNET EARRING WITH SIREN - HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 4TH-3RD CENTURY B.C. Auction House: Christie's Sale Title: Antiquities Location: London, King Street Sale Date: Apr 02, 2014 Lot Number: 0193 Estimate: 1,000 - 2,000 British pounds Price Realized: Unsold Saleroom Notice: This Lot is Withdrawn. Lot Description A GREEK GOLD AND GARNET … [Read more...]

Greco-Persian Amethyst Pendant

A GRECO-PERSIAN AMETHYST LION CIRCA 5TH CENTURY B.C. Depicted reclining on an integral rectangular plinth, his head turned to his left, the mane cross hatched, with small rounded ears and a carefully-detailed face, perforated through the shoulders for suspension 13/16 in. (2 cm.) long Provenance Antiquities, Christie's, New York, 18 December 1998, lot … [Read more...]

Greek Gold Bracelet

A GREEK GOLD BRACELET HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 300 B.C. Formed from a hollow hoop fashioned from sheet, convex on the exterior, each end with a collar terminal secured by a pin, its tip with granulation, the collars each with twisted wire filigree palmettes framed by beaded, rope and twisted wires and a fringe of petals, small birds at the outer edges of the left … [Read more...]

Greek Amethyst Finger Ring

A GREEK GOLD AND AMETHYST FINGER RING HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 2ND-1ST CENTURY B.C. Composed of two sections hinged together, the lower portion of the hoop set with a small cabochon amethyst, the hoop narrowing towards elaborate moldings below the hinge loops, the upper portion with similar moldings above the hinged loops, joined to the underside of an oblong stepped … [Read more...]

Earring with Nike Driving a Two-Horse Chariot

Earring with Nike driving a two-horse chariot Greek, Northern Greek, Late Classical or Early Hellenistic Period, about 350–325 B.C. Height: 5cm (1 15/16in.) Weight: 15.8 gm (0.03 lb.) Gold and enamel Earring in form of Nike driving a two-horse chariot (biga). The figures are modeled in the round and form a pendant suspended from a disc in the shape of a … [Read more...]