Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli

Egyptian Lotus Ring

Egyptian, New Kingdom decorated with lotus flowers & baguettes Gold, lapis, turquoise & carnelian The Louvre Source link (could not find anywhere in the English catalog of the Louvre?) — via Pinterest … [Read more...]

Egyptian Gold and Lapis Lazuli Earring, New Kingdom

Earring Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside Dynasty: Dynasty 19 Date: ca. 1295–1186 B.C. Geography: From Egypt Medium: Gold, lapis lazuli Dimensions: Diam. 2.5 cm (1 in) Credit Line: Gift of Helen Miller Gould, 1910 Accession Number: 10.130.1540 Provenance Formerly in the collection of the Reverend Chauncey Murch (died 1907). Collected between 1883 and 1906 while … [Read more...]

Egyptian-Revival Faience and Jeweled Brooch

Magnificent and Rare Egyptian-Revival Faience and Jeweled Brooch, Cartier, London Designed as an Egyptian fan, or flabellum, centering an ancient green glazed faience bust of the goddess Sekhmet, depicted with a solar disc and a uraeus (cobra) upon her head, set against a lapis lazuli sky twinkling with diamond stars bordered by a black enamel aureole and repeating … [Read more...]

Egyptian Revival Lapis Lazuli Ring

Late Victorian Egyptian Revival Gold Ring with Lapis Lazuli American, 1880 14K Gold, Lapis Lazuli Source link … [Read more...]

Roman Pegasus Ring

18K gold lapis lazuli Roman intaglio ring … [Read more...]